Sometimes Christmas-themed, always great though. We’ve teamed up with some awesome Digital PM’s to bring you a collection of excellent content and the odd-surprise! Stay for a while and look around. You’re in good company.

Tips, Hints, GIFs - DPMs talk to us

The Digital Project Gifmas Story

Sam Barnes presents a wonderful tale of a project form pitch to post live, told, as you might expect, through the medium of animated gifs.

Opportunity to learn

We all want to do the best job we can and that often means we leave little time in our..

25 Online DPM Resources

We keep saying “there’s nothing out there for digital PMs,” but that simply isn’t true anymore. Here’s the thing: many of us are just too busy these days to keep up with all of this awesomeness.

Giving the Gift of Support

The Terra Nova Expedition of 1911, led by the noted British explorer Robert Scott, is widely considered to be a..

Managing Internal Projects To Success

Managing Internal Projects To Success

Non-billable work is often translated as non-revenue-generating work. But with the right support, process and management, the work can derive value for an agency that far exceeds an equivalent billable hour.

Agency Complacency

Agency Complacency

Why do we need this mental break? Because science. No, seriously – in the same way that you need to rest your body between workouts, you need to give your brain a break too.

Managing teams, process and change

Managing teams, process and change

I’ve worked in a few different teams, and over the years we’ve gone from following a waterfall process, to agile (SCRUM), and most recently to Kanban. This is my experience of that evolution.

Feedback – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Feedback – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There is no doubt that providing feedback face-to-face can feel daunting, but delivered in the right way at the right time it can be immensely powerful. In this article find out how to have that unsaid conversation.