You're a difficult one, Mr. Client

You’re a difficult one, Mr. Client,
At times you make me want to squeal,
I promise that I’m listening, it’s not necessary to raise your voice.
Let’s identify the issue, and make a plan that’s real.
We’ll solve your problem calmly and together we’ll rejoice.

You’re a Naysayer, Mr. Client,
You’re constantly pushing back.
You have to learn to trust us, we’re experts at our craft.
I understand your position, and can see that you’re displeased,
Let’s focus on a measurable resolution and set your mind at ease.

You’re a difficult one, Mr. Client,
I must refrain from yelling, and demonstrate self control,
It’s important that we choose our words carefully,
and not let emotions take its toll.
If we work together, we can accomplish any goal.

You’re not always right, Mr. Client,
Our team has done everything we could within reason,
But, we can’t continue to ignore the warning signs this holiday season.
I wish it didn’t come to this, this is our last resort
I’m sorry you felt that our team fell short
and though this may make us blue,
I regret to say, we’re firing you.

tera-simonFondly known as a Southern Belle with Yankee flair, Tera is currently the Manager of Client Experience for Atlantic BT in Raleigh, NC, with over a decade of Project Management experience.

When she’s not sprinting from meeting to meeting, you can find her supporting local breweries, traveling, and educating anyone that will listen on why football is the greatest sport around. Follow Tera: @tcaldsimon