Speakers 2015


Rhodri Coleman

In this talk Rhodri explores what makes a good Digital Project Manager in fast moving and transformative industry
Head of Project Management at Foolproof

Meri Williams

Meri will take us on a whistlestop tour of what we can learn about project management from artificial intelligence and what this teaches us.

Meghan and Nancy

Projects require teams to embrace some chaos; how can project managers keep teams connected and collaborating effectively through it all.
COO and CEO Clockwork Active Media

Brett Harned

This year Brett will be running an interactive workshop where he will share insights on how to best plan and manage digital projects.
Vice President of Project Management at Happy Cog

Sam Barnes

To become a great digital project manager you must also know how to manage people, including: clients, project teams, other colleagues and your bosses.
Development Team Manager, Global Personals