Speakers 2016


Suze Haworth

In this talk Suze looks at the core principles of the different methodologies and asks do we really need them to succeed?

Global Senior Project Manager, Tribal

Matt Thornhill

Matt illustrates how and why technical debt occurs and why you are ideally placed to help reduce the impact it can have on long term projects.
Senior Project Manager, Code Computerlove

Rhodri Coleman

Rhodri provides practical advice on how project managers can discover the real drivers that affect their project’s overall profitability.

Head Of Project Management, Foolproof

Nathaniel Cassidy

Managing multi-disciplinary teams requires a lot of different techniques and knowledge, Nathaniel offers his experience on how to get the best from your team.
Managing Director, 3ManFactory

Ian May

You’d think that managing project managers would be one of the easiest jobs in the world! Ian provides practical advice for both team members and team leaders alike.
Programme Director, Creative Jar

Katie Buffalo

Katie provides practical advice and solid strategies on how to decide what comes first in the competition for the limited budget and resource on your project
Senior Project Manager, Byng

Susanne Madsen

In this thought provoking talk, Susanne will discuss the differences between management and leadership and how it relates to you as a project manager.
Leadership Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Brett Harned

This presentation will rally the DPM community around a set of principles that elevate and strengthen us individually, and as a community of practitioners.
Digital PM Consultant and Coach