Mark Coster

Agile Kaleidescope – mirrors and patterns

Agile is a broad landscape of methodologies, principles, practices and tools. Kaleidescope – mirrors and patterns explores this rich tapestry – the themes of how practices are used, the broad differences and variation and how teams go through adoption and evolution. The common strand is what practices you chose, how you adapt yourself, your team and organisation to this disruptive change, but crucially how you adapt the practices over time as the team and organisation evolves.


Mark have been working with ThoughtWorks for 8 years, in an Agile environment for over 10 years, and in software for 22 years. He has personally worked on many Agile projects large and small – Guardian, BBC, Sony, Dixons and British Gas, and seen up close, literally hundreds of others. This keynote draws on this broad experience and the unique view of a wide portfolio of Agile projects across many organisations and industries.