Meri Williams

Stealing Project Management Lessons from Artificial Intelligence

meri-williams-postMuch of the conventional wisdom around traditional project management focuses on compliance, believing that the processes are sound, and that it is lack of adherence that is the problem. Increasingly, however, it seems like this may be false — that in fact the core approach is insufficiently flexible for the world we operate in. In this session, Meri will take us on a whistlestop tour of what we can learn about project management from artificial intelligence and robots, and what this teaches us about how to be flexible and adapt to change whilst ensuring projects & programs are delivered successfully.


Meri is a geek, a manager, and a manager of geeks. She’s a CTO and also manages her own micro-consultancy ChromeRose which helps digital & technical teams be brilliant.

A published author and previous winner of the BCS Young IT Professional of the Year in the UK IT Industry Awards, she sponsors scholarships to help more girls start STEM careers in her hometown of Stellenbosch, South Africa. In her spare time she enjoys baking, gaming, surfing, and her current obsession with hot smoking Texas-style BBQ.