Rhodri Coleman

What makes a good digital project manager?

Rhodri_Coleman-smallDigital is moving fast and transforming the way in which brands do business. Therefore digital design projects are getting larger and more complex. As project managers it’s our job to keep the team on track.

So what makes a good digital project manager? In this presentation Rhodri will draw on his experiences both as a project manager delivering complex design projects, and from other life experiences, to shed a bit of light on this question.


Rhodri joined design agency Foolproof in 2008 after serving 4 years as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army. The skills and experiences gained in the military positioned him well to deal with the everyday challenges of working for a market-leading digital agency.

Rhodri has worked across the full spectrum of Foolproof’s client base successfully delivering a wide range of user experience projects in the UK and internationally. He specialises in delivering Foolproof’s more complex, strategic projects both efficiently and effectively.