Sam Barnes

People are Weird, I’m Weird

sam-headshot-smallThe Internetz is full of articles about what tools and processes to use for digital project management, however this will only get you so far. In order to become a great digital project manager you must also know how to manage people, including: clients, project teams, other colleagues and your bosses.

But guess what, every single one of these people are individuals and yet consistently we try to apply blanket rules to their ‘type’ and consider our people management skills complete.

In this presentation, as well as explaining how he personally manages teams, Sam also posits that we should increase our awareness of the specific differences in people and adjust our views and behaviours accordingly when it comes to managing and working with other human beings.


Although a little short for a Stormtrooper, Sam Barnes is the Development Team Manager at Global Personals and primarily works on the company’s multi-award winning platform White Label Dating™ – a platform that powers over 14,000 international online dating sites for 35 million members with a new member joining every 3 seconds.

Sam spent 2 years as a front-end developer before moving into web project management at various digital agencies in the UK.

Over the following ten years Sam delivered web projects of all shapes and sizes for clients including Nokia, Dell, Zebra, BBC and Oracle before spending almost 2 years as a Web Project Manager at Global Personals.

Sam is a Certified Scrum Product Owner, has written for Smashing Magazine, Think Vitamin and this year was published in the Gower Handbook of People in Project Management. He can also be found posting articles at, a blog dedicated to the topic of digital project management.