Katie Buffalo

Katie Buffalo

Prioritising Projects under Pressure

Every day we have to make decisions about who and what take precedence in the ongoing competition for our limited time and resource. Priorities can change by the day, if not by the minute, and as project managers, we have to constantly adjust course to compensate. It’s one of the most consistently challenging parts of what we do, and also something that’s pretty undervalued and often misunderstood by people who aren’t project managers.

In my alliteratively-titled presentation, “Prioritising Projects under Pressure”, I’ll be sharing:

  • Solid strategies that can help you focus on what’s important
  • Some psychology to help you deal with the people who don’t agree with you about what’s important
  • A “random priority generator” for those times when everything really is 100% equally important
  • Possibly some funny pictures involving cute animals, who knows?


I’m an American import who’s kept a remarkable hold on my accent for someone who’s been here nearly ten years, or so I’m told. I’ve been managing digital projects in one form or another for about seven years, with a focus on Agile management and delivery for the past three. This year I was proud to be able to run a workshop at Agile Manchester in 2015, and I also enjoyed talking about Agile delivery for hybrid mobile apps at a small industry event in London last month.

When I’m not working on cool stuff at Byng, I’m designing and fabricating silver jewelry in my tiny home workshop, going to gigs, hanging out with my awesome husband and friends, or reading in the bath.

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