Matt Thornhill

Technical Debt; why it really matters

Matt ThornhillTechnical debt, that’s for the developers to worry about, right? Wrong.

We hear more and more how its important to be ‘agile’, to move quickly and deliver real value to our customers regularly. Without an understanding of and plan for its impact, technical debt will significantly effect the teams ability to react to changes in the market and capitalise on them.

It’s important that you understand technical debt so that you can have the right conversations with your team and your client/product owner. In this talk Matt illustrates how and why technical debt occurs and why you are ideally placed to help reduce the risk.


Matt is Senior Project Manager at Code Computerlove, having spent the last 8 years leading digital projects has only fueled his desire to keep learning. In his spare time Matt founded a bi-monthly meetup and the DPM:UK conference in his home city of Manchester, these events bring together those managing and leading digital projects to share experiences and learn from one another

Focused on Lean delivery Matt loves working closely with his clients and their teams to deliver measurable value from the very start of a project and frequently thereafter.

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