Rhodri Coleman

The cost/price conundrum

Digital PM at Foolproof

Have you ever been in the hotseat for a project with a poor financial outcome but felt the reasons were outside your control?

This is a problem that still appears to hinder many digital project managers across the industry.
How does this even happen and what can project managers and their business’s proactively do to prevent it?
In this talk, Rhodri will provide practical advice and explain how his team at Foolproof tackle this common problem with the aim of creating happier teams, better projects and improved business outcomes.


Rhodri joined design agency Foolproof in 2008 after serving 4 years as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army. The skills and experiences gained in the military positioned him well to deal with the everyday challenges of working for an international market-leading digital agency.

Rhodri is head of project management at Foolproof with overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the project management practice. He is still very much involved at the coal face of project management and works across the full spectrum of Foolproof’s client base successfully delivering a wide range of user experience projects both in the UK and internationally.