Verity Maybury

The best ways to wow your clients

Verity is a firm believer that the most rewarding and profitable relationships are those that are long term partnerships rather than the conventional Client / Supplier set up, this is a great way for an Agency to grow and is hugely rewarding but doesn’t come easy and requires consistent, hard graft with the Client.

The introduction of some simple but key concepts centered on integrating the client and building trust could quickly get your Client sitting up and taking notice and smoother projects to boot!


Verity is the Lead Project Manager at eCommerce specialists Blueleaf and has enjoyed leading projects ranging from Prince 2, high governance, business transformation banking projects, right through to Agile apps and responsive sites in both eCommerce and online gambling.

A blog writer and lover of all things DPM, Verity really enjoys managing people and performance, client facing work, the big, new and challenging sort of projects that make your bum twitch and generally organising the life out of everything.

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